We’ve come to the first one-year pool anniversary 💰

Good News! 🎉

Pool Anniversary: Time flies!

It’s as if we only launched yesterday, but it’s been over a year already. On top of that, today we are celebrating the first birthday of the first and largest pool in CRISTO. 🎂 What does this mean? That today all the drivers who are a member of the KRIPH pool received some good news, since no one in the pool has been part of an accident in the past full year, so Happy first year pool anniversary for us! 🙂

Pool anniversary: Drive safe, and save!

When we first dreamt up the insurance package in CRISTO it was our goal to bring back the social aspect of insurance solutions. This is important to us, because insurance is one of the oldest community solutions, however, this aspect of it has eroded over time.

In the casco solution available in CRISTO the clients create risk communities (called “pools”), or they can join a pre-existing one. If the members of a pool do not cause any damage in each full year the pool is active, then each member is accredited with a discount based on the amount they have paid into the pool.

What does this mean for those who are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the KRIPH pool? On average, HUF 7292 (approx. €20/$24) has been accredited to their balance. Depending on when each member joined and how much they have contributed, the spread is quite large: one of our first users, who also drives quite a lot, was accredited HUF 37,000 (approx. €100/$122) while one of our most recent users who’s been a member of the KRIPH community for only a few days, has also received a few Euros credit to their balance.

What’s the point of this community aspect?

We are building a community of conscious motorists within CRISTO, and we want to become the number one application for drivers, and we are doing everything we can to provide this community with quality services so they can use their car to the fullest and in a more cost-effective way. We believe in the power of this community and in the opportunity it uncovers – like the pool discounts. This will also enable us to provide better conditions for our clients in the future. For this reason, we will always promote and support the community aspect of our services.


Last but not least:

Happy Birthday KRIPH pool! 🎂 🥂

(those are non-alcoholic beverages if you are driving 😉 )

Little behind-the-scenes:

The KRIPH pool was brought to life by one of our first users to commemorate the original brand of the service.

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